Registration Fees

A nonrefundable registration fee of $50 is charged to all students who apply for admission to enroll.  Payment of this fee is valid for a period of one year from the date of initial application.  Should an individual fail to enroll within this period, reapplication for admission and payment of the registration fee is required. The registration fee is assessed upon enrollment and is non-refundable unless the student is not accepted for enrollment or meets the conditions of cancellation as outlined in the refund policy.

Tuition and Fees

Georgia Allied Health Institute reserves the right to modify tuition and other charges upon sufficient notice to students. Announced tuition increases will not apply to students who maintain continuous attendance in a program of study.Tuition is based on scheduled hours of attendance.Tuition charges are assessed and payable as arranged when the student enrolls.The charges for each program are detailed in the tuition section of the student catalog and handbook.

Re-Start Fees

Students who wish to re-enter Georgia Allied Health Institute after having voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn for any reason from their program of study may restart with Director Approval.  A $50 registration fee will be assessed.

Transcript Fees

One transcript will be provided to each student free of charge.  Additional copies will be provided at $20 each.

Georgia Allied Health Institute reserves the right to adjust program costs and fees for services as determined necessary; however, no student will be charged additional tuition costs if the students is enrolled and has been participating on a continuous basis in a qualified program.